100 Meaningful Dog Rescue Name Ideas

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Looking for some brilliant dog rescue name ideas?

We’ve rounded up some beautiful and meaningful for your newly adopted canine companion!

There are 50 each for male and female rescue pups, so you should have no problem finding the perfect fit!

Let’s take a look!

Male rescue dog names

Looking for some brilliant and meaningful names for your newly rescued dog? Check out 100 we love!
  1. Alpha – this name represents a new beginning.  
  2. Altan – Turkish name meaning “new.”
  3. Aroon – beautiful Hebrew name meaning “dawn.”
  4. Bernard – German name, meaning “brave.”
  5. Bingo – after the famous dog.
  6. Buddy – this is a great name for a man’s best friend. 
  7. Dagney – Old English name meaning “dawn.”
  8. Diagan – Old Engish name representing a new beginning.  
  9. Dug – this is a Scottish name for the one coming from the dark waters. 
  10. Ewan – Scottish name meaning “new.” 
  11. Farjar – in Arabic, this name means “dawn.”
  12. Foster – for the pup living under your roof. 
  13. Fresco – Italian name meaning “fresh.”
  14. Gem – because he can be your gem. 
  15. Genesis – this name represents a new beginning. 
  16. Happy – for the happiest rescue dog. 
  17. Heaven – a beautiful and inspiring name for a rescue pup.
  18. Hobo – for a pup that used to roam the streets.
  19. Hogan – Gaelic name meaning “new.”
  20. Iago – Hebrew name for the one walking by your side. 
  21. Inici – Catalan name for a new beginning. 
  22. Irvin – Scottish name meaning “new beginning.”
  23. Jesse – Hebrew name meaning “gift.”
  24. Johnathon – Hebrew name for the one brought by God.
  25. Journey – for the journey he encountered.
  26. Julian – Latin name for the new arrival. 
  27. Lotus – Greek name for a fragile pup. 
  28. Lucky – because he’s lucky to have you. 
  29. Magic – and you two create a magic bond.
  30. Mika – Japanese name meaning “new beginning.”
  31. Mo – Latin name for a rescue pup. 
  32. Moses – Hebrew name for the one brought by waters. 
  33. Naji – Arabic name for a best friend. 
  34. Naveen – Sanskrit name meaning “new beginning.” 
  35. Neo  – Greek name meaning “new.”
  36. Newton – English name for a new home. 
  37. Novak – Czech name representing a new beginning. 
  38. Oliver – French name for the one with the new army.
  39. Ordell – antic name for a new and prosperous beginning. 
  40. Percy – French name for the one who conquered your heart.
  41. Phoenix – after the mythical bird, reborn from its own ashes. 
  42. Pickles -you got him out of a “pickle” by rescuing him!
  43. Primo – Italian name meaning “first.”
  44. Raanan – Hebrew name meaning “flourishing.”
  45. Reuben – Hebrew name for a son. 
  46. Riley – English name representing a “valiant.”
  47. Rishon – Hebrew name for the first. 
  48. Romeo – Italian name for the one who took your heart. 
  49. Salvata– means “rescue” in Corsican
  50. Suru – old name for a new beginning. 
  51. Zoran – Slavic name for a new dawn.

As far as ideas with great rescue dog meaning go, you can’t get more perfect than Phoenix!

For dog rescue name ideas (like, if you’re planning to open your own rescue shelter), I really love Salvata.

Female Rescue Dog Names

Looking for some brilliant and meaningful names for your newly rescued dog? Check out 100 we love!
  1. Abby – Hebrew name, for the first daughter. 
  2. Alba – Latin name meaning “dawn.”
  3. Alice – for a pup of noble kind. 
  4. Amaryllis – Greek name for a blossoming flower. 
  5. Andromeda – referring to the ruler of men. 
  6. Arata – in Japanese, this means “fresh.”
  7. Arianwen – Welsh name meaning “blessed.”
  8. Aruna – Hindi name meaning “dawn.”
  9. Asha – Sanskrit name meaning “hope.”
  10. Aurora – after the famous princess. 
  11. Autumn – beautiful name for a rescue dog. 
  12. Chae  – Korean name meaning “dawn.” 
  13. Charise – German name meaning “fresh.”
  14. Dagny – Norse name meaning “new.”
  15. Dara – Hebrew name for a responsible mother. 
  16. Dawn – what marks a new beginning. 
  17. Destiny – because she was destined to be with you. 
  18. Diamond – for the precious gem she is. 
  19. Evie – Hebrew name for a new one. 
  20. Fiona – Gaelic name for a white rescue dog. 
  21. Glory – she is glorious after all. 
  22. Grace – Latin name for a kind one. 
  23. Gypsy – English name referring to a former nomad. 
  24. Heidi – German name for a noble one. 
  25. Hope – because she gives you hope. 
  26. Indira – Indian name referring to a Goddess. 
  27. Ivy – for a precious rescue dog. 
  28. July – Latin name for a gentle one. 
  29. Kaishi – the Chinese name referring to something new. 
  30. Karma – this comes from Sanskrit and the meaning is pretty clear. 
  31. Kiah – for a new starter. 
  32. Kia – African name for a beginning. 
  33. Kisa – American name meaning “starting over.”
  34. Lady – for the lady she became. 
  35. Lottie – German name for a free woman. 
  36. Margarita – Greek name for one who is like a pearl. 
  37. Mika  – Japanese name for the one that smells like flowers. 
  38. Neoma – Greek name for a new moon. 
  39. Nona – Latin name for the ninth. 
  40. Nova – Latin name for “new.”
  41. Novi – Croatian name meaning “beginning.”
  42. Nyssa – Greek name for many beginnings.
  43. Okusha – this name celebrates a new start.  
  44. Ophelia – Greek name for a healthy and renewed one. 
  45. Oriana – Latin name meaning “sunrise.” 
  46. Renee – French name meaning “rebirth.”
  47. Thea – after the Goddess of the dawn.
  48. Usha – Sanskrit name meaning “dawn.”
  49. Zerra – Hebrew name for the one who starts over.  
  50. Zora – Slavic name that celebrates a new home.

I hope you enjoyed these rescue names for dogs! If you have any other ideas, tell us below!

By the way, all of these are also perfect dog rescue name ideas for those starting a new shelter!

What are your favorite names for rescue dogs? Share below!

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