110 Fantastic Fiery Dog Names for Your New Pup

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If you’re looking for some of the best fiery dog names, then this list will give you everything you need!

They’re just perfect for Dalmatians and other fire-fighting canines!

I also love them for pups that are full of fire and passion in their sweet little hearts!

Take a look!

Fiery Dog Names For Males

If you're looking for some of the best fiery dog names, then this ultimate list will give you everything you need! Check it out!

From mythological gods of fire to characters with flamingly red and orange hair colors, we think these ideas are perfect for fiery male dogs!

  1. Aagney – for a child of fire.
  2. Abiz – amazing name for a fiery dog, meaning small flame.
  3. Admani – this name refers to a burning fire.
  4. Agni – after the Hindu god of fire.
  5. Agni – for a beautiful-burning fire.
  6. Agnideep – for the one who is in flames.
  7. Aidan – after the Celtic God of fire.
  8. Anvar – great name for one who keeps the flames.
  9. Blaise – French name referring to a blazing personality.
  10. Bobi – for the bringer of flames.
  11. Bren – referring to a part of the flame.
  12. Cardinal – amazing name for a fiery dog!
  13. Carrot Top – after the red-headed artist.
  14. Chulli – this is the name of a “cooking fire.”
  15. Citrabha – name meaning “beautiful flame”
  16. Clifford – after the big, red dog!
  17. Czerwony – Polish word meaning “red.”
  18. Dearg – this name means “red” in Irish.
  19. Deepanshi – from the fire generated by a lamp.
  20. Deepavati – referring to an eternal flame.
  21. Deepjay – also means an elegant flame.
  22. Elmo – after the red monster from Sesame Street.
  23. Eric – after Eric the Red.
  24. Finch – after the birds with the red beak.
  25. Flamingo – after the coolest birds in the world!
  26. Flaminio – this is the name for “the keeper of the flames.”
  27. Flint – referring to the spark of a rifle.
  28. Garnet – after the red gem.
  29. Harry – after the red-headed Prince Harry.
  30. Heti – meaning a light fire.
  31. Hong – the Chinese word for “red.”
  32. Ignatius – this name means “fire” and it’s derived from English.
  33. Jasjot – a beautiful name meaning “flame of glory.”
  34. Joash – this name refers to the fire of the Gods
  35. Joideep – referring to the flame of happiness.
  36. Keighan – this name refers to a small flame.
  37. Kennett – great name for the one born of fire.
  38. Lahab – Arabic name meaning “flame.”
  39. Lobster – great fiery dog name.
  40. Manjyot – this name means “the flame of the mind.”
  41. Mishal – Arabic name meaning “torch.”
  42. Moto-Swahili word for fire.
  43. O’Brien – after Conan O’Brien, the famous TV presenter.
  44. Orangutan – because they are orange after all.
  45. Pepper – after Pepper Ann, the famous character.
  46. Phoenix – after the mythical bird who rose from its own ashes.
  47. Rabbie – this name refers to a bright flame.
  48. Raggedy Andy – after the famous red-haired doll.
  49. Rojo – this is the Spanish word for “red.”
  50. Ron – after Ron Weasley, the Harry Potter character.
  51. Rosso – in Italian, this name means “red.”
  52. Rot – the German word for “red.”
  53. Spark – for the red spark in your life.
  54. Tiger – gest name especially if the pattern matches.
  55. Vermelho – in Portugese, this means “red.”

I’m loving that last one for boys. It’s such a unique name!

Phoenix is another favorite, especially for a rescue dog with a tough past.

Fiery Dog Names For Females

If you're looking for some of the best fiery dog names, then this ultimate list will give you everything you need! Check it out!

Again, we looked to mythology, famous red-heads, and more to come up with our favorite fiery dog names for girls. Take a look!

  1. Adara – Hebrew name meaning “fire.”
  2. Agneyastra – this was once used as a fire weapon.
  3. Agnimitra – beautiful name referring to fire.
  4. Aithne – after one of the most famous volcanos.
  5. Aka – this means “red” in Japanese.
  6. Anne – after Anne of Green Gables.
  7. Annie – from the Little Orphan Annie.
  8. Ariel – after the Little Mermaid.
  9. Autumn – after the season where everything turns red.
  10. Azar – Italian name meaning “burning fire.”
  11. Blaze – a beautiful fire-related name.
  12. ChamaGalician word for “flame”
  13. Dabka– Somali for fire.
  14. Dana – after Dana Scully from The X-Files.
  15. Daphne – from the Scooby-Doo animated series.
  16. Deepshika – referring to an everlasting flame.
  17. Edana – meaning a small flame.
  18. Ember – meaning a small ball of fire.
  19. Emberley – meaning “spark.”
  20. Emberly – meaning burning coal.
  21. Fiammetta – Italian name referring to a fiery one.
  22. Fiona – after Shrek’s Princess Fiona.
  23. Fire – simple but appropriate!
  24. Flame – one of the best fiery dog names.
  25. Fox – this one is pretty straightforward.
  26. Fulki – this refers to a ball of light.
  27. Ginger – after Ginger Spice, member of Spice Girls.
  28. Hestia – after the Greek Goddess of fire.
  29. Ina – Yoruba for fire.
  30. Jessica – after the famous Jessica Rabbit.
  31. Jyotika – referring to the light of a flame.
  32. Kalama – Hawaiian name meaning “torch.”
  33. Lady Bug – for a precious, red lady.
  34. Lucille – after Lucille Ball.
  35. Mars – after the red planet.
  36. Merida – the main character from Brave.
  37. Merlot – after the best red wine.
  38. Miss Frizzle – after the character from the Magic School Bus.
  39. Molly – after Molly Ringwald.
  40. Pebbles – after Pebbles Flinstone.
  41. Pele – after the Hawaiian Goddess of fire.
  42. Pippi – after Pippi Longstocking.
  43. Pumpkin – for a pup that’s red-colored!
  44. Raggedy Ann – after the famous doll.
  45. Robbyn – for the brightest flame.
  46. Robee – referring to the glow of a fire.
  47. Ruby – after the red, precious gem.
  48. Shararah – for a lady who walks like a burning flame.
  49. Shikha – this name simply means “flame.”
  50. Shula – this name means “flame.”
  51. Strawberry – after the cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake.
  52. Sunny – after the sun!
  53. Sunshine – what’s hotter than the sun?
  54. Vatroslava – this name translates as “fire.”
  55. Wilma – after Wilma Flintstone.

From the girls’ list, I absolutely love Ruby! The gemstone looks like it’s on fire in the sunlight.

Ina is also incredibly beautiful!

What are your favorite fiery dog names? Share below!

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