Book Two: The Next Six Dog Vacations

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Book Two: The Next Six Dog Vacations continues the saga of Bea and B.B.,adopted shelter dogs , going on six more unforgettable journeys with their human companions, Kel and Carolyn,. This time they travel to Big Sur in California, through many neighboring states, and a national park, as well as shorter trips to places not too far beyond their borders and state parks close to home in Oklahoma. Kel and Carolyn called Bea and B.B.”the girls” and named all their trips with them “Dog Vacations” because they made sure to include fun outings for these beloved dogs along the way. This book includes the following in great detail with descriptions which make readers feel as if they’re on these six road trips with them: what the dogs did, what their “parents” did, what they did together. where they went. what happened to them, how they felt, whom they met, and what they learned. As in Book One, when reading about their adventures you’ll experience along with the human and dog travelers more joy, fun, humor, excitement, and their love for each other on their Dog Vacations which surprise and endear to the very last mile!