9 Outstanding Low Sodium Treats For Your Dog

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Looking for some amazing low-sodium treats for your dog?

We’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ll talk about exactly how much sodium you can actually give your pooch!

Then, keep reading for 9 fantastic treats that are low in salt content.

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Guide to Low Sodium Treats For Your Dog

Like most other things, sodium can also be toxic if your dog consumes it in excessive quantities.

However, most dog owners should not worry about sodium consumption.

Domestic dogs mostly consume more than enough sodium to meet their biological needs.

At the same time, their body consists of physiological mechanisms that emit excessive amounts of sodium (for instance, water consumption and urination).

Low-sodium dog treats such as bully sticks for dogs are available in the market, but most manufacturers fail to include sodium content while they guarantee analysis of their products.

So how can you provide your dog with the treats he deserves, without risking his life and health?

How Much Sodium Can You Give Your Dog?

Now before heading forward, you need to understand how much sodium your dog needs, and when you are exceeding the sodium content in your dog’s treats and food.

Most dogs get enough sodium through their daily diet, so you need to think that if you will give your dog treats with high sodium, wouldn’t this exceed the sodium intake?

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)recommends  a minimum of 0.3 percent of sodium every day, or you should give them about 100mg per 10kcal of sodium.

When we talk about humans, consuming high sodium is linked with hypertension and high blood pressure, and for many people, it can lead to heart diseases.

According to a study in 2008, it was found that dogs usually get used to a huge range of sodium levels.

However, there is an exemption in dogs that are at risk of congestive heart failure and various kidney or liver issues.

These types of problems are often associated with a high level of sodium intake.

That is the reason veterinary experts encourage that owners lower the sodium intake of their dog by providing them low-sodium treats.

How Much Sodium is in Your Dog’s Treats and Foods?

Different dog foods and treats include different levels of sodium.

Because manufacturers are not allowed to print sodium levels on the dog treats, it will be difficult to know how much sodium your dog consumes.

In fact, AAFCO has failed to mention proper sodium content levels that food manufacturers should follow.

They only highlight minimum sodium levels.

However, when you properly research sodium levels for your dog, you will learn how much sodium foods and treats for dogs include.

This way, you can select the perfect treats for your dog, as your vet recommends to you.

How much sodium do vets recommend for dogs?

Normally, most veterinarians advise the following categories of sodium levels when explaining your dog’s diet.

You can easily estimate the amount of sodium when you consider 100k calories as the unit measure while comparing treats.

  • If a dog has no restrictions on required sodium, their treat should contain a minimum of 0.5 percent of sodium. (Less than 100mg sodium on 100k Calories)
  • For dogs who need mild restrictions on sodium content, give treats and foods with sodium in between 0.5 to 0.35 percent (80 to 100mg on 100k Calories)
  • For dogs with moderate restrictions on sodium content, give treats and food with a sodium content between 0.1 percent. (50 to 80mg on 100k Calories)
  • Dogs with severe restrictions on sodium content will prefer treats and food containing less than 0.1 percent of sodium content (less than 50mg on 100k Calories)

As AAFCO does not suggest the maximum requirement of sodium content that dogs can consume safely, the National Research Council does highlight suitable sodium.

They suggest that if a dog weighs 33 pounds and burns about 1,000 calories every day, their sodium intake content shouldn’t be higher than 2,000mg daily.

However, they do not mention how they came up with this figure, as body weight and calorie consumption does not have a linear relationship.

What You Need to Look for in a Low Sodium Treat

Low sodium treats are nutritional, similar to other treats. The only difference is the low sodium content in low sodium treats.

The characteristics should also be the same as you find in other high-quality treats, such as:

1.      Whole Protein Source Should be the First Ingredient

As dogs are omnivores, they require a lot of different treats and foods to maintain their health, but they gain most of their calories by consuming meat.

You should look for treats such as deboned salmon, trout, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, or chicken instead of byproducts or meat meals made from other animals.

2.      Products Should be Manufactured in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Western Europe, or Australia

Products from these countries have proper regulations and strict safety for treats and food manufacturing.

This will help reduce the chances of harmful or tainted substances that you find in locally purchased foods.

3.      Treats Should Not Include Unnecessary Additives, Flavors, Colors, and Dyes

Dogs do not notice what color food they are consuming. You should avoid dyed and colored foods.

These types of foods can trigger food allergies and can cause health issues for your dog.

Instead of using treats and foods containing artificial flavors, you should offer your dog all-natural recipes and ingredients.

Moreover, avoid adding artificial products in their diets.

4.      Offer Them Meat Meals That are Properly Labeled and Meat Byproducts

Meat byproducts and meals can be a valuable and nutritious source of protein for your dog.

However, humans cannot eat that food. These treats and foods are manufactured through identified sources.

For instance, poultry meals are non-acceptable, but chicken meal is acceptable to offer to your dog.

5.      Focus on Whole-grains or other Similar Carbohydrates that Contain High Nutritional Values

Carbohydrates are essential for your dog’s diet, but all carbohydrates are not equally beneficial.

For instance, with enriched wheat, your dog will receive more calories, but this will provide little fiber.

On the other hand, whole wheat will provide a better calorie to fiber ratio.

Now, we’ll check out some low-sodium dog treats other than bully sticks that you can find in the market, so you do not have to browse through the internet or visit stores and end up with the wrong product.

FYI, the next section of this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Low in Sodium Treats

1.      Stella &Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch Treats

These dried dog treats are manufactured with 98% of beef, ground bones, and organs for enrichment from protein and nutrients. Stella and Chewy’s dog treat is free from sodium, and it does not include artificial preservatives.

2.      Natural Rapport Dog Treats

Natural Rapport Dog treats are made from 100% human-grade meat and do not include salt. These are low-calorie, super-healthy snacks that are safe for your dog’s kidney, liver, and heart.

Natural Rapport Chicken Liver Dog Treats – The Only Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Dogs Need – Grain-Free Chicken Bites, Dog Treats for Small and Large Dogs (8 oz.)

  • 100% MEAT – No chemicals, preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors. Just 100% All Natural dried chicken. Your dog will love these chicken bites almost as much as you will enjoy knowing they are the safest treats for your beloved pet.
  • HEALTHY – We don’t add bulk salt, soy, corn or gluten. These freeze-dried chicken liver bites seal in all the flavor and nutrients. They contain essential amino acids that dogs need and are easy on teeth!
  • FLAVORFUL – Our beef chew treats are full of natural, beef liver flavor pets love and pet owners trust. Trade in the peanut butter flavored treats for Natural Rapport beef treats. Each 8 oz. pouch contains about 240 treats, two pounds of meat!
  • LONG LASTING DOG TREATS – Our all beef treat items come in a resealable stand-up pouch, so these freeze-dried dog treats stay fresher for longer than other biscuits or bones. Our treats are also perfect for travel and training treats!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Made in the USA to ensure only the highest quality ingredients and safest products for your pets! If your dog does not enjoy our treats contact us at Natural Rapport, and we will take care of you and your furry friend.

3.      The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of the best rich sources of nutrients, and you can use this to soften your dog’s kibble if he is dehydrated.

This product does not include sodium, unlike broths, made for human consumption.

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth POUR OVERS Wet Toppers for Dogs (12 pack), 5.5 oz – Beef Stew

  • SLOW COOKED STEWS: Pour these 100% natural, grain free toppers over your pup’s favorite meal to add a healthy boost of tasty nutrition to their everyday routine.
  • PROTEIN BOOST: Made with diced ranch raised beef and carrots in a savory bone broth, these chunky meal enhancers give an added boost of protein for dogs of all ages & breeds.
  • EASY TO USE: The BPA-free box conveniently holds 2 servings and can be easily opened, poured & closed back up, eliminating the need for any messy container transfers. Pour Overs will also stay pourable after opening and won’t become hard or gelatinous like some dog food cans.
  • HUMAN GRADE: Introducing the world’s first, and ONLY, 100% human grade wet dog food topper! Pour Overs meet rigorous FDA human safety standards and use only ingredients approved for human consumption so there is no risk of anything questionable & unsafe in your dog’s bowl.
  • NATURAL: This limited ingredient topper is made in human food facility with NO by-products, NO rendered meals, NO grains and potatoes, NO artificial colors or flavors, and only the highest quality, non-GMO whole foods.

4.      Purebites Turkey Dog Treats

As these are made from 100 percent USA-sourced turkey breast, it is a perfect source of protein with low natural sodium.

These dried and freeze dog treats are manufactured with flavor and protein.

5.   All Natural Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

These freeze  dried treats and are made from a single ingredient –real salmon.

As it includes just 3.5 kcals in each treat, there are low on guilt and sodium.

Pet Craft Supply Freeze Dried Dog Treats and Cat Treats – Naturally Wholesome Grain Free Single Animal Source Protein Rich Treats

  • FREEZE DRIED: Pet Craft treats are freeze dried while fresh to lock in valuable and wholesome nutrients.
  • SINGLE ANIMAL SOURCE: Simple, healthy treats with only one protein source. Cleaner treats for a healthier pet. – Pure Beef, Chicken, Salmon or Pork.
  • NATURAL: Free from fillers, color dyes, byproducts, grain, soy, and anything that may upset your pet’s body. We add a natural antioxidant and vitamin E to maintain freshness (Mixed tocopherols).
  • LOW CALORIE: High in protein but low on calories, each treat is typically 2-4 calories max.
  • MADE IN CANADA: Proudly sourced and made in Canada in small batches to provide the highest levels of protein-rich meat and quality.
  • TREAT OR TRAIN: The perfect treat for training or treating.
  • ALL DOGS: Perfect for any sized dog. Cats also love them!
  • PLEASE : Contact us if the bag of treats was crushed excessively during transit. Please visit our website to contact us.

6.      Hill’s Natural Baked Dog Treats

These are soft and baked dog treats manufactured with natural ingredients such as fresh carrots and real chicken.

These treats do not include soy, wheat, corn, and added sodium.

7.      Primal Turkey Dog Treats

These treats are made in the USA and made with turkey raised in the USA only.

This product is free from added hormones and antibiotics.

With Primal Turkey dog treats, you can boost protein and natural flavor without compromising on health, as it does not include sodium nutrient.

They also come in other flavors, such as venison, for dogs with turkey-related food allergies.

8.      Peanut Butter Delights Dog Treats

These hand-made treats are prepared with a unique design and baked in the oven.

Just like bully sticks, this product is gentle and safe for dogs on a low-sodium diet and senior dogs.

These treats only contain human-grade ingredients and do not include any artificial additives.

9.      Solid Gold Superfoods Dog Treats

This treat features high-protein turkey, cinnamon, and sweet potatoes.

Solid Gold dog treats are filled with healthy nutrients and do not contain sodium, gluten, grains, and artificial preservatives.

Solid Gold Superfood Dog Treats; Grain Free Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cinnamon, 6Oz

  • An Indulgent And Healthy Grain-Free Treat Packed With High-Quality Protein And Nutrient-Rich Superfoods
  • A Delicious Combination Of Real Turkey, Fiber Rich Sweet Potatoes And Delicious Cinnamon
  • Includes 5 Powerful, Nutrient-Rich Superfoods To Support A Healthy, Happy Life: Pumpkin, Parsley, Lentils, Sunflower Oil And Kelp
  • Soft, Chewy Texture: Easily Broken For Training And Ideal For Seniors Or Dogs With Sensitive Teeth
  • Free From Fillers Like Corn, Wheat And Soy; Potato Free; No Artificial Preservatives


As sodium is one of the essential nutrients that your dog should consume, if he consumes an excessive amount of sodium, he will easily develop health problems.

That is the reason you should not provide your dog with high-sodium treats. Instead, you need to purchase low-sodium treats and maintain the sodium level.

Odor-free bully sticks are also the best choice that you can choose for your dog.

What are your favorite low sodium treats for your dog? Share below!


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