Free Paws Dog Dryer 4.0 HP 2 Speed Adjustable Heat Temperature Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Blower Professional with 5 Different Nozzles and a Shower Massage Glove

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Keeping your dog well-groomed can be a labor-intensive task.
Of course, we all want our beloved pets to be clean, happy, and healthy, but most dog owners know that it can be a struggle to groom your dog on your own and pricey to leave it up to a professional.
Free Paws Grooming systems can make your life easier and your dog’s grooming experience more pleasant.

Comb NozzleComb Nozzle

Free Paws 4.0HP Vari-Air Speed Adjustable Heat Temperature Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer With 5 Different Nozzles

We Want to Be Useful, Helpful, and Safe!

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Different Purpose of Different Nozzles. Helps You Dry Your Pet More Effectively

free paws pet dryer 7 finger nozzle

free paws pet dryer 7 finger nozzle

free paws pet dog dryer wide slot nozzle

free paws pet dog dryer wide slot nozzle

free paws dog pet dryer 4 hp professional dryer slot nozzle

free paws dog pet dryer 4 hp professional dryer slot nozzle

Cylindrical Nozzle

Cylindrical Nozzle

7 Finger Nozzle

Designed to disperse the air force.
If your pet is double coats and large breed, please use this nozzle to blast shedding hair out of the coats. Which helps reduce probability of whip knot.
If you have small dog, or he is afraid of force dryer, you can try to use this nozzle at first, put 2 or 3 fingers on them.

Wide Slot Nozzle

Start by drying the top coat using SWide lot Nozzle, especially for large dogs. Once the top coat is sufficiently dried, move onto the undercoat to dry the skin, this is an important step to help avoid future skin issues. In warm seasons, please just keep the heat function off, as Motor produces heat when it runs, so it blows fairly warm air.

Standard Slot Nozzle

Normally, this Slot Nozzle is designed for small size pets like cats or puppy, as it performance the lowet noise. For pets are new to blower dryers, introduce it slowly prior to actually using it on the dog. Please kindly set the air flow to the low setting, let them slowly feel the air coming out of the nozzle and get used to the feel of the air and the noise.

Cylindrical Nozzle

In cold weather, use this Cylindrical Nozzle which can keep airflow warm. Turn on the machine and adjust it to low airflow, then turn on the high heat about 5-10 mins to get pre heat, then use it on your pets. While drying, use your free hand to brush through the coat as you go. This will help speed the process.

Adjustable Speed and Temperature: Stepless adjustable airflow speed: 25M/S-56M/S and 2 temperature:96℉ or 167℉, to dry your pet twice quicker than using common pet dryers. You can dry a pet with very thick coat in a shorter time. Perfect for all seasons or car or bicycle.
5 Nozzles & Spring Hose: Comes with 5 different nozzles to satisfy all drying demands and to make shiny hair for dogs. The hose can extend from 2.6ft to 7.9ft. With insulation sleeve to prevent your hand from getting hurt. Very handy to use.
Low Noise & Considerate Design: Adopting new generation of noise reduction device, this dog grooming dryer can effectively reduce noise,works in a relatively quiet sound under 62DB, which won’t scare dogs. Rubberized feet keep the dryer stable and won’t hurt the floor when using.
NOTE: Pay attention to WATERPROOF. Avoid pets to bite the hose and power cable. We Provide replacement parts as Carbon Brush, Hose, Nozzles, Filter and so on.