100 Amazing Apricot Dog Names for Your Golden Beauty

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If you’re on the hunt for some great apricot dog names, we’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ll take a look at some popular ideas for these golden pups!

Don’t worry, we have plenty for males and females.

Let’s get started!

Apricot Dog Names For Males

Along with some great names inspired by famous golden-haired men, we looked to other languages for ideas for apricot boy dog names!

100 Amazing Apricot Dog Names for Your Golden Beauty
  1. Alcott – this name is very similar to ‘apricot.’
  2. Alfie – this is an Old English name for a wise one.
  3. Alfred – one of the best names for apricot dogs.
  4. Archibald – for the most precious pup out there.
  5. Asher – this is the perfect name for an ash-apricot pup.
  6. Augustus – after the month of August, which can be considered the golden month.
  7. Barnabus – a royal name for an apricot dog.
  8. Benedict – beautiful name for any golden pup.
  9. Blake – a beautiful name for a golden pup.
  10. Buddy – because he is your best friend. Always!
  11. Chance – a beautiful name for a golden pup!
  12. Charleston – for the most precious apricot pup.
  13. Charlie – because Charlie is always a good name for a blonde pup.
  14. Chaucer – a beautiful French name for a golden pup.
  15. Chewie – for an apricot-colored dog that likes to chew on everything!
  16. Cooper – English name, for a creator!
  17. Curly – especially if your pup is both golden and curly.
  18. Darcy – for a dark golden pup.
  19. Damasco -Galician for apricot.
  20. Duke – because he is a duke in golden attire.
  21. Edmond – perfect name for a golden “protector.”
  22. Edwin – royal name meaning ‘rich friend.’
  23. Emerson – this is an English name for the bravest of the pups.
  24. Ernie – German name, for a blonde fighter.
  25. Fairfax – for a dog with “fair hair.”-
  26. Finn – probably the best name for an apricot pup!
  27. Francois – it’s Frech and fancy. Just like your pup.
  28. Gatsby – precious name for an apricot pup.
  29. Hamilton – Irish name, perfect for a golden dog.
  30. Henry – great name, especially if you think about the kings named like this!
  31. Hudson – an English and royal name.
  32. Julius – because Julius Caesar used to have blonde hair.
  33. Kajsi – Albanian for apricot.
  34. Kingsley – because apricot pets are usually compared with royalty.
  35. Leo – for a cute, little lion with apricot-colored hair!
  36. Louie – English name, meaning “famous warrior.”
  37. Marley – Old English name, for a blonde dweller.
  38. Max – Latin name meaning “the greatest.”
  39. Milo – Old Germanic name for a very kind being.
  40. Odie – beautiful Gaelic name, for a light, golden dog.
  41. Oliver – the shade can resemble a dark apricot.
  42. Percy – French name, for a peachy pup!
  43. Preston – Christian English name, representing a priest’s golden attire.
  44. Prince – because he is your little prince.
  45. Princeton – well, he is a prince, no doubt about that.
  46. Scully – this is an old English name, for the one who learns.
  47. Spud – this is an American name, for something light-colored.
  48. Vincent – Latin name, perfect for a blonde conqueror.
  49. Wally – this is a great name, especially if you enjoyed the movie.
  50. Winston – perfect name especially if you think about a wine-golden pup.

Apricot Dog Names For Females

Again, we took inspiration from other golden beauties as well as foreign languages.

100 Amazing Apricot Dog Names for Your Golden Beauty
  1. Ainsley – Old English name, meaning “solitary.”
  2. Amelia – English name for a working golden pup.
  3. Aprikose- German for Apricot.
  4. Aspen – English name, perfect for a unique pup!
  5. Aurora – because the Disney princess has golden hair!
  6. Bianca – Italian name, for a female with light-colored hair.
  7. Camilla – Latin name, meaning “beautiful.”
  8. Chanel – one of the most precious names you can think of.
  9. Charlotte – French name for the fanciest pup out there.
  10. Chloe – Greek name, referring to “blooming.”
  11. Daisy – for a pup that’s as pure as a flower!
  12. Darling – this one speaks for itself!
  13. Dixie – French name, meaning “southerner.”
  14. Duchess – because she is a Duchess!
  15. Effie – Old Greek name for a blonde pup!
  16. Emma – Germanic name meaning “whole.”
  17. Evangeline – Old English name, meaning “God’s messenger.”
  18. Evelyn – for the pup you always wanted!
  19. Fifi – Spanish name, for a believer.
  20. Gertrude – Germanic name referring to a brave, blonde warrior.
  21. Ginger- for that reddish-gold apricot dog!
  22. Hannah – Hebrew name for a graceful, golden pup!
  23. Harper – this is a great name, especially if you picture harp players as blonde.
  24. Hazel – English name, after the apricot-colored tree.
  25. Juliet – for a pup with dark-apricot hair.
  26. Kajsija – Bosnian for apricot
  27. Kona – Hawaiian name meaning “lady.”
  28. Lily – after the flower with the same name, signifying “purity.”
  29. Lola – after the blonde Looney Tune’s rabbit.
  30. Lucy – English name for the one who shines.
  31. Luna – Latin name meaning “moon.”
  32. Lux – this one refers to the LoL champion with apricot hair!
  33. Maggie – English name, meaning “beautiful pearl.”
  34. Maisie – Greek name, meaning “pearl.”
  35. Marelica – Croatian for apricot.
  36. Meruňka – It’s Czech for the tasty fruit!
  37. Morela– means apricot in Polish.
  38. Natalia – Latin name, meant for a puppy you always wanted!
  39. Octavia – beautiful name, referring to “the eight.”
  40. Pearl – because pearls too come in different shades.
  41. Plum- Armenian plums are actually apricots!
  42. Peaches– A close cousin in the fruit family.
  43. Queenie – for the most precious golden dog out there!
  44. Sabine – French name, referring to a lady.
  45. Scarlette – French name, perfect for an apricot dog!
  46. Sophie – Greek name meaning “wisdom.”
  47. Stella – for a pup that’s as beautiful as the stars!
  48. Theodora – Greek name, referring to a beautiful gift.
  49. Victoria – think about victory in apricot shades.
  50. Willow – English name for a graceful pup!

What are some of your favorite apricot dog names? Share below!

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