Top 10 Dog Breeds For Nurses Who Live Alone

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If you’re curious about the best dog breeds for nurses- especially those who live alone- stick around!

Below, we’re diving into what single medical professionals need to know before adopting a dog

Then, we’ll go over some amazing breeds that are just perfect for nurses.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Dog Breeds For Nurses Who Live Alone

Before we dive into the best dog breeds for nurses living alone, we should talk a bit about the pros, cons, and factors to consider.

The Prerequisites!

Assuming you are a nurse living alone, going for a dog is a good thought.

However, there are a few things you must ask yourself before bringing a pet home. They are,

  • Can you afford a pet?
    • Pet food and other necessities can be expansive. Also, you may need to add regular vet visits expenses too.
  • Do you have time to play, groom, and train?
    • Pets have needs, and they can be rebellious if not paid enough attention.
  • Do you have time to help him socialize with other dogs?
    • They can be uncomfortable, aggressive, or timid around other dogs that are not used to them.
  • Do you know the temperament of your dog?
    • Every dog has a different nature. You need to understand your dog first.

Pros and Cons!

There are several pros and cons of having a dog at home, again assuming you are a nurse living alone. They are:

  • Pros
    • Dogs give you warmth and love.
    • Will help you get outdoors other than your workplace.
    • Improves your mood.
    • Keeps your company and washes away your loneliness.
  • Cons
    • Dogs may get lonely if left alone for long.
    • Different breeds have different needs.
    • Dogs have distinct personalities.
      • Some may bark more.
      • Some are attention seekers.
      • Some are sneaky.

Keeping both of these in mind, we bring the following listing breeds list suitable for a nurse’s busy lifestyle.

Top 10 Dog Breeds For Nurses

1.  Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are famed as the world’s smallest dogs.

These little, quirky, and adorable animals are very loving and affectionate towards their owners.

They bond quickly and will surely cheer you up after a hard day at work.

2.  Basset Hound 

Originally bred to be hunting dogs, Basset Hounds bring you additional safety.

Despite that, they are very gentle and attentive to their owners.

They also don’t require much exercise. Just a casual stroll around the neighborhood should suffice.

3.  French Bulldog

These tiny, snuggly, and alert creatures, French Bulldogs are the best companion to ward off loneliness.

Coming home after a tough day at work, and you will find this man waiting to shower you with love.

Another upside is that they are well behaved and don’t need much exercise.

4.  Maltese

Maltese are mainly fluffy, white, and small, resembling a snowball or a plushy.

Despite their looks, they are gentle, alert, and love their masters.

They don’t need much exercise but can be active at times.

5.  Boston Terrier 

Boston Terriers are laidback and quiet by nature.

They are gentle and usually don’t bark much.

Unlike many breeds, they are friendly around strangers, too (until they find them malicious or you are uncomfortable around them).

Boston Terriers are also adaptive to your schedule and lifestyle.

So, you don’t have to worry much about them being able to keep up with you.

6.  Greyhound 

Even though Greyhounds are dogs, their personality traits are that of a cat.

They like running around, are very curious, and like sleeping in odd places.

They enjoy walking as well as lazing around. They can be notorious, but can also be chill.

And they will surely add spice in your boring lifestyle (that is if you are ready to keep up with them).

7. Shar-Pei

Shar Pies are of Chinese origin. They have short legs and ears, along with a chubby face.

Their body is covered with wrinkles, that can be fun to cuddle.

These cute-pies are calm and tolerant by their nature.

They are fine being left alone for long hours until you shower them with love once you get back home.

8.  Whippet

Whippets are an alert, intelligent and sensitive breed of dogs.

They can sense the kind of mood you are in and act accordingly to help you out.

They are also known as the breed of therapy dogs due to their smartness and ability to calm the owner down.

They only need about 20 minutes of walk and are relatively easy to train and adapt.

9.   English Bulldog:

Last- but definitely not least- on our list of the best dog breeds for nurses, English Bulldogs are small, docile, friendly, and very social.

They listen to their owners and can be trained easily. They adapt well to the city apartment life or living indoors in general.

They don’t bark much and spend most of their day being passive. They can be left alone without any worries, but not for too long.

They love physical affection and may crave it if left alone for long hours.

10. Dachshund

Dachshunds don’t like being outdoors a lot. They have an adorable face with big ears and wide eyes.

However, their distinctive feature is their long body. They are playful and intelligent and love to stay by your side.

They are easy to train thanks to their smartness and adaptability and can be fine home alone once used to it.