100 Magnificent Medical Names For Pets

If you’re looking for some magnificent medical names for pets, you’re in the right place.

We took inspiration from every field of medicine to come up with 100 epic ideas.

They’re perfect for dogs (obviously), or for any other furry friend (or even scaly ones, if you prefer).

Let’s take a look!

Medical Names For Male Dogs

These top 100 medical names for pets make fantastic ideas for doctors, nurses, and first responders. We came up with 50 each for boys and girls! Check them out!

For our favorite male medical dog names, we looked at history, mythology, and even modern medicine to come up with amazing ideas.

Take a look!

  1. Agwu – the African God of medicine.
  2. Ambroise – after Ambroise Paré, who pioneered modern surgery.
  3. Alfred – after Alfred Blalock, a very important heart surgeon.
  4. Apollo – after the Greek God of healing.
  5. Ashvins – the Hindu twins, healer of Gods.
  6. Boris – after Boris Yegorov, the first physician in space.
  7. Borvo – after the Celto-Lusitanian associated with healing.
  8. Chiron – after the mythological Greek centaur with great healing skills.
  9. Doc – pretty on the nose, but still cute!
  10. Elixir – for something that heals you!
  11. Freud – after Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.
  12. Guy – after Guy de Chauliac one of the first real doctors of the world.
  13. Harvey – after Harvey Cushing, the father of modern-day brain surgery
  14. Healer – because dogs can be considered spiritual healers.
  15. Hess – after Orvan Hess the one who invented the fetal heart monitor.
  16. Hunter – after John Hunter, the father of modern surgery.
  17. Iaso – after the Greek goddess of all curing and healing.
  18. Ixchel – after the Mayan goddess of medicine.
  19. Ixlilton – after the Aztec God of medicine.
  20. Jung – after the popular Carl Jung.
  21. Lenus – after the Gaulish healing god.
  22. Leo – after Leo Kanner Austrian doctor, known for his studies of Autism.
  23. Lister – after Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery.
  24. Loco – after the Afro-American patron of healing.
  25. Maximon – after the Mayan god of health.
  26. MD – from the Latin Medicinae Doctor.
  27. Medic – this one requires no explanation.
  28. Mender – for the pup who mends.
  29. Mountebank – after someone who sells medicine.
  30. Mullo – after the Gaulish deity that heals eyes.
  31. Nodens – after the Roman god of healing and dogs.
  32. Nostrum – a magical formula for healing.
  33. Osler – after William Osler, sometimes regarded as the father of modern medicine.
  34. Otto – after Otto Fritz Meyerhof, who received a Nobel prize for the studies of muscle metabolism.
  35. Pierre – after Pierre Fauchard, the father of dentistry.
  36. Potion – because in the old times, potions were the standard.
  37. Quack – for someone who’s not a real doctor. l
  38. Roger -after Roger Bacon who first wrote about convexe lenses.
  39. Sekhmet – after the Egyptian goddess of medicine and healing.
  40. Serum – serums are probably the most important things.
  41. Snow – after John Snow, one of the first practitioners to use anaesthesia.
  42. Splint – a tool meant to stiffen broken bones.
  43. Still – after Andrew Taylor Still, the father of osteopathic medicine.
  44. Syn – after fictional Dr. Christopher Syn from “Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh.”
  45. Tonic – after what you really need after a long day.
  46. Tourniquet – the live-saving wrap.
  47. West – after fictional Dr. Herbert West.
  48. Wilder – after Wilder Penfield, a pioneer in neurology.
  49. Wu – after the fictional, yet famous Jurassic Park doctor.
  50. Xu – the African doctor who is invoked when someone is sick.

I had a friend with a super cute schnauzer named Otto, so I love that idea!

On the other hand, Nostrum is definitely one of the most unique medical names for pets!

Medical Names For Females

Again, we turned to mythology and history as well as the operating room to come up with some these girl medical names for pets.

  1. Aja The Afro-American spirit of the forest and its healers
  2. Airmed – after the Irish Goddess of healing.
  3. Anahit – after the Armenian goddess of healing.
  4. Angitia – after the Roman snake goddess of healing and magic.
  5. Bandage – something useful in many situations.
  6. Beiwe – after the Sami goddess, restorer of mental health.
  7. Bona Dea – after the Roman goddess of fertility and healing.
  8. Brigid -after the Irish goddess of healing.
  9. Camillo – after Camillo Golgi, who discovered the Golgi apparatus.
  10. Charaka – antique Indian physician.
  11. Chirurgeon – an antique term for surgeon.
  12. Dharti – after the Hindu solar god of health.
  13. Dian – after Dian Cecht, the Irish healing god.
  14. Eir – after the Norse goddess of medicine.
  15. Eli – after Dr. Eli Blumfield from “The Doctor.”
  16. Elizabeth – after Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the US with a medical degree.
  17. Elliott – after Elliott P. Joslin, a pioneer in the treatment of diabetes.
  18. Epione – the Greek goddess of soothing pain.
  19. Erinle – after the healer and physician.
  20. Febris – after the Roman goddess of protection.
  21. Gabriele – after Gabriele Falloppio, one of the most important anatomists.
  22. Galen – after the Roman physician and anatomist.
  23. Haoma – after the Persian god of health.
  24. Hebe – after the Greek goddess of eternal youth.
  25. Helen – after Helen Flanders Dunbar, important figure in the US’s psychosomatic medicine.
  26. Hera – after the healing mother of all Gods.
  27. Ira – after Dr. Ira Kane from “Evolution.”
  28. Isis – the Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic.
  29. Jengu – after the African deity of curing diseases.
  30. Lane – after Janet Lane-Claypon, a pioneer of epidemiology.
  31. Lucy – after Dr. Lucy Hall from “The Day After Tomorrow.”
  32. Mami – African deity associated with healing.
  33. Martha – after Dr. Martha Livingston from “Agnes of God.”
  34. Menrva – after the Etruscan god of war, wisdom, and health.
  35. Minot – after George Richards Minot, who received a Nobel for his anaemia studies.
  36. Moreau – after the fictional doctor in “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”
  37. Paige – after Phantoms’s Dr. Jennifer Paige.
  38. Pamela – after Dr. Pamela Isley from 1997’s “Batman and Robin.”
  39. Panacea – something that cures everything.
  40. Patch – something one may use to patch wounds.
  41. Pinga – after the Inuit goddess of fertility and medicine.
  42. Priscilla – after Priscilla White, who studies pregnancy diabetes, and saved thousands of lives.
  43. Remedy – because your pup is a cure for everything!
  44. Salve – after a very popoular ointment.
  45. Sandra – after Dr. Sandra Mornay from 1948’s horror comedy “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.”
  46. Sarah – after fictional Dr. Sarah Cooper from “The Big Chill.”
  47. Shaman – after the most popular tribal healers.
  48. Sirona – the Celto-Germanic goddess of healing.
  49. Tabitjet – after the Egyptian scorpion goddess whose blood had healing properties.
  50. Zywie – after the Slavic goddess of health.

From the girl’s list, I just love Panacea. After all, our pets truly are a cure-all!

Your turn! What are your favorite medical names for pets from our list? Share below!