Top 8 Small Dog Breeds that Give the Best Dog Parenting Experience

Admirable qualities such as being obedient, gentle, loving, caring, calm and friendly are what make the small breeds highly appropriate for being the best therapy dogs. They may not have the mannerisms and sobriety of some their more illustrious contemporaries, but their mere presence brings a wide smile on the faces of those who need it more than the medicines. We have mentioned 8 small breed dogs that are best suited to get the best dog parenting experience, and we are sure to bring a smile on your face once you check them out.

1) Poodle

This cute ball of fluff has some very delightful, affectionate and charming qualities that make it the most favorite choice among the people. It was bred in the 18th century in England. They are considered as highly smart, energetic and physically active breed. Standing not more than 10 inches, poodles are cited to have hypoallergenic qualities that make them the best companions for people suffering from various types of allergies. They are also adored and loved by the women due to their unusual proportions of fur. As their fur grows longer in comparison to other breeds, it becomes important to manage their coat from getting ruffled up with proper care on a regular basis.

2) French Bulldog

French Bulldogs mostly portray a muscular physique with heavy bone structure and soft coat. Seeking a close companionship with its human parents, French bulldogs help you fight anxiety and other stress-related problems. They are highly sensible and calm at the same time that makes them an excellent choice for adoption at nursing centers. As these dogs have only a single coat, it becomes a little difficult for them during the winter season to stay warm, which requires you to take proper care of them with essential grooming and precautionary measures.

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