6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Black German Shepherd

3- Is there a negative effect of gene color on the Black German Shepherds?

Most people tend to fear this breed of dog because of its striking black color. Despite the fact that you may have a negative stigma about this type of dog breed, your temperament is not affected by the dark color. The black German shepherd dogs will always be loving and have the habit of staying with their owner. Most of the time, they are alert, intelligent and active and not predisposed to aggression. They tend to form a perfect bond when introduced to family members and other pets. The black German shepherd dogs can be easily trained due to their obedience and are mainly used as police and military dogs.

4- They are prone to health problems

The black German shepherd dogs, like the standard dog breed, are susceptible to health problems. You can suffer from a variety of health problems and some of the conditions include elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. It often occurs due to the malformation of the ball joints. In severe cases, lameness or even arthritis can occur. This condition can be remedied by maintaining a healthy weight for your shepherd. Other potential health problems include allergies, cancer, eye diseases, digestive problems, spinal and heart diseases. It is important to go to the vet regularly with your black German Shepherd dog, as he is able to diagnose and provide the right treatment.

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