Top 10 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

8- Maltese – 15 years

Commonly referred to as the Maltese Lion Dog, these dogs are classified as a toy canine breed. This canine emanated from the Middle Mediterranean Region. A well-bred Maltese can stay for approximately 15 years. In phrases of length, the Maltese could be very small with some being as small as a squirrel. Due to their length, active and sociable nature, they’re purposely nurtured to be companion puppies. Unlike the opposite dogs, the Maltese puppies are vulnerable to tooth troubles which require owners to take close care of their dental hygiene.

7- Jack russel terrier – 13-sixteen years

Similar to the Yorkshire Terrier and Beagle puppies, the Jack Russel Terrier’s beginning is in England. They can live for 13-16 years when well taken care of. One advantage of the Jack Russel Terrier is that it is not liable to health complications which makes them stay for quite long. They also are popular for their high strength stages that are mainly based totally on thorough exercises and training. This explains why Jack Russel Terrier puppies have interaction in various kinds of dog sports activities like agility and flyball.

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