Top 10 most popular Dog Breeds in Europe

German Shepherd

As the name would possibly suggest, the German Shepherd to begin with comes from Germany as part of the herding group. They are a relatively current breed of canine (originating in 1899) and are still typically used for herding and guarding sheep. The equal abilities that make them remarkable at herding though (which include trainability, strength, obedience, and intelligence), additionally make them beneficial in various other roles from seek and rescue, to police paintings and even acting. Their mild temperament also gives them the reputation of starting very safe. In Germany, the breed is referred to as the Deutscher Schäferhund.


The Poodle is a popular European canine originating from France. Originally used as water puppies and hunting puppies, they have got since turn out to be famous as show puppies and will regularly recreation haircuts giving them a distinctive ‘pom-pom’ look. They also are very intelligent, tremendously lively, and true natured which makes them popular as pets in Europe. One benefit of poodles over different breeds of puppies is they don’t malt – making much less work for the ones trying to preserve a clean and tidy house, whilst at the identical time making them more appropriate for the ones with allergies to dander.

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