The 10 Happiest Dog Breeds

Who doesn't love happy dogs? We know when they are happy because their body language and their voices tell us so. They have different barks for different reasons and they use their barks intelligently. One of the best signals is when their bodies move everywhere and they “laugh” at the special barking of dogs when they play with us.

Although they have their own means of communication, they let us know that they are satisfied. They can look at us with relaxed eyelids and ears. Their tongues can come out of their mouths, so they seem to smile at us. They can wag their tails enthusiastically or hold them high to let us know that they are delighted to be with us. They can play and bark happily, or just turn around and show their belly as the ultimate sign of happiness. Some will give us a big hug when they lean over us and let us hug or pet them. There is no doubt that the language of the dog helps humans understand when our companions are happy. For the record, here is a list of the 10 happiest dog breeds, based on the experiences of the American Kennel Club.

1- Labrador Retriever

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Listed as the most famous canine in America according to AKC records, the Lab usually seems to have a smile. The breed is understood for its friendliness, outgoing nature, and alluring expression. Labs revel in gambling with kids and their owners. They are gentle and experience captivating their masters. They are in excessive demand for their looking competencies whilst employed as narcotic detectors running with law enforcement officials. They additionally are extremely good manual dogs as they may be very loyal. They are energetic, with high spirits to match.

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