Abandoned Dog Becomes Perfect Pet

A puppy that used to be fortunate to have survived the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey closing 12 months is now residing the true lifestyles with her new owner, college student Anna Palmesano.

Balto, now 3-and-a-half months old, was once one of six puppies rescued at a Houston location trailer park in December. The storm did an excellent injury to the trailer park, leaving the six puppies barring an owner. They survived solely on candy and speedy meals nearby kids threw in their direction.

After the puppies have been located with the aid of one of Anna’s friends, they have been transported to Omaha, Nebraska, where Anna goes to school. When Anna went to visit the puppies and drop off some supplies, Balto instinctively wandered over to her, sat on her lap, and parked herself there. That’s when Anna knew she had to take Balto domestic with her.

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