12 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

A dog can make anyone’s life complete. From playtime and daily walks to cuddles on the sofa and consistent comfort, puppies can fulfill you and supply you a pal for life. But when you live in an apartment, owning a dog can be a little more challenging. Not all dogs thrive in rental environments — many breeds want a lot of houses to roam and play, and some clearly aren’t desirable for skinny partitions and close-by neighbors.

However, dwelling in a condo doesn’t suggest you can’t enjoy the friendship, love, and business enterprise of a furry friend. There are masses of canine breeds that can thrive in small living spaces. While measurement might be the first — and biggest — concern, there are so many special pups who have the right strength level, friendliness, and personality for rental life.

If you’re searching for a dog who’ll be capable to stay effectively in your apartment, these are the breeds you want to consider.


The Basenji is a lovable hunting canine at the start bred in central Africa. And this lovable short-haired pup is a loving, exciting partner who’s crammed with energy. Basenji pups love to play, and they can be mischievous if left alone.

And while the Basenji might seem like a pup who’s a bit too energetic for condominium living, these breed thrives in small spaces. Lightweight, slim, and quiet while playing, this is one breed that can be both a terrific partner and a silent condominium dweller.

The Basenji commonly solely reaches 18 inches tall and 25 kilos when full grown — a perfect healthy for apartments anywhere. And if you’re concerned about thin, shared walls and nosy neighbors, you won’t have to keep the Basenji quiet. This breed doesn’t bark, which ensures peace and quiet for you and anyone dwelling close to you.

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