4 Ways Your Dog Asks For Help

In the best world, your canine would be able to inform you precisely what he needs, when he needs it. Unfortunately, puppies lack the language abilities to talk and ask for help when they need it.

But simply because they can’t talk with words doesn’t suggest they don’t communicate at all! Your canine will surely find a way to get the point across when he wishes something from you. And the fundamental way he’ll do it? Body language.

Dogs use their bodies as a way to communicate. And if you can learn to study your dog’s physique language, you can determine out precisely what it is your canine needs, whether or not that’s a fill-up of his water dish, a game of fetch, or simply a good, old skool belly scratch—no phrases required.

But how can you study your dog’s body language to discern out what, exactly, he needs or needs? Here are 5 ways your canine asks for help (and how to apprehend each):

Your dog shies away from petting

Typically, puppies love a right belly rub or ear scratch. But if your dog flinches or pulls away when you try to pet him, it may want to be due to the fact he’s in pain.

Now, your canine may want to simply be telling you that he’s now not in the mood—but if your dog shies away from petting, especially if he normally loves it, he may be attempting to tell you that something hurts.

If your dog is exhibiting this behavior, pay attention. Does he solely shy away when you strive to put a certain area of his body? Does he flinch when you touch him in a certain spot? These are all alerts that your canine is in pain—and that he’s trying to inform you he’s hurting.

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